I T  A L L  B E G I N S  W I T H  A  P E N C I L  &  P A P E R . . . 

Beauty is all around us; yet art comes from within and Amy Reber’s fresh, modern bold designs illustrate just that. Drawing from her love of nature and mid-century architecture in their simplest forms, Amy’s mantra is “never underestimate the power of a simple shape.” And she illustrates that time and again in her unique, heartfelt designs. Using pen and paper as her initial design implements, Amy, a self-taught artist, is constantly looking to the world around her for inspiration.
Her portfolio is ever-evolving, incredibly prolific and includes designs that have been seen in HGTV magazine, House & Garden, and Minted to name a few. For Amy, making a personal connection through her work is paramount. “It is getting harder and harder to make that personal connection these days. I truly enjoy connecting with individuals who love art and design and my goal is to make a connection strong enough with my fans that we would feel comfortable enough to get together and talk color and design over a hot cup of coffee. My art and design is therapeutic, soothing and gives me great joy and I hope that my designs evoke those feelings in others." Amy’s greatest loves are her husband – a retired US Marine - and her three children, but her passion is her art and one can sense that in every pen stroke, color palette and design that she produces.


S U R F A C E  D E S I G N  +  I L L U S T R A T I O N

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