Clients and fans give AMY inspiration and encouragement.


"Ok... Finally sat down and had a chance to try on my new scarf!!! I don't know if you knew this before but I am a major scarf snob... You have managed to gift me with a scarf that beats my top fav scarf someone gave me over 20 years ago!!! The fabric is perfect!! I love it!"

~Facebook Fans

"I appreciate talent and beauty when I see it. Since the first time I saw your drawings, I was so impressed. Have a great Sunday."

"It is very fun to see your vision transforming into a beautiful reality. You really are living the dream. Way to go! So happy for you and that others see the talent that we've watched from the "doodling" days."

~Facebook fan after purchasing fabric

"I am happy, I just wish I had more, my favorite is the green circles in the fabric I chose, thanks for the swatch booklet I love the silk crepe chine for a blouse pattern I got or even the silky faille, I'm hoping you get with a fabric company that will print all of your designs, I just love your designs."

~Facebook Fan

"My children and I would like to extend our congratulations on your win of the P&B/Pattern Observer Textile Design Competition!  Your collection was beautiful and definitely one of our favorites.  My daughters have been following the contest as well and I wanted to be sure I told you what they said.  Best Wishes in the future!"

~Instagram Followers

"Your work is awe-inspiring."

"I could look at your profile pictures all day long."

"Your style is very iconic."

"I love your designs. They are full of energy and I find them inspiring to my own work."

"You are a creator of absolute magic!!!"

~Writer for Newletter Pro
 "I'm so happy for you and want you to know how many people were touched by your inspirational story. Your cover became an office-favorite and has encouraged a lot of us to start following our passions."

~P&B Textiles/Pattern Observer Textile Design Competition 2015

“I felt her execution was new, fresh and bold…she kept it very sophisticated in the main design but through the coordinates, was able to bring in another view that was a bit more simplistic while still keeping to the theme and vision.  A great combo for quilters in my opinion.”

-Amy Crouse, owner of Bolder Band
"Amy Reber is not only a talented artist, she is also wonderful to work with. Any changes or recommendations I ask for, she makes quickly and with a smile. She operates with integrity and is a team player!"

~Facebook Fan

"Thank you for adding art, color and beatufy to my feed!"

-Business Contact

"I have had so much fun reading through your bio and answers to my questions. I feel like you are very genuine, authentic, and someone anyone could instantly connect with."

~Facebook Fan

"Amy you have such a gift and are just natural at it. I don't think there is one design of yours I DON'T like. You are Inspiring!

~Website Inquiry

 Hi Amy Your work is incredible! It's so inspiring, I absolutely love it. Wish I could do what you do :) I'm also a creative but somehow got stuck into architecture and interior design which has sapped my energy. Would love to receive some art and inspiration from you.

~Free Spirit Fabrics

"Thank you for being so creative, proactive and efficient!"

~Instagram Fan

"In your drawings, I always get the sense that your negative space is equally as important as the positive space. Love them!"


"I have the unique and wonderful opportunity to write for a friend of mine. She allows me (and trusts me) to be her voice and I have so much fun creating for her. She is an emerging force in fabric design and her work can be found on her website as well as your local quilt store. Thanks, Amy, for providing me an outlet for creativity!" 

~Website Inquiry

"Your fabric and designs have inspired me - can't wait to start creating with it."

~Website Inquiry

"Your designs fill my heart!" 

~Instagram Fan

"I just came across your work for the first time on Instagram and I am in love with it! So gorgeous! I dream of being a fabric designer one day and you work is very inspiring. Keep creating so much beauty!"

~Facebook Fan

"Amy, I was so inspired when you came and talked at West Sound Quilters that I am starting my own quilt pattern business."