Announcing Amy's first collection EDEN'S Road released by P & B Textiles!


"I draw a great deal of inspiration from nature and this collection is no exception. On a cold, snow-covered day last winter in Virginia, I was looking outside my window taking note of the shrubs with their parched leaves and dried buds and imagining springtime with its rich, vibrant colors and wondrous signs of life. I am infatuated with flower buds – the delicate, round balls with all of the little layers and a promise of a gorgeous bloom; their secrets held tight until the warm spring sun awakens them. Chickadees are my favorite birds and, to me, are a quintessential sign of spring with their sweet songs and boundless energy. I named this collection “Edens Road” after the street where my parents reside in their retirement in a home on a small island in Washington that my family has owned since I was a toddler. It is place that has always brought me happiness and connects me with nature and this collection (which I have hued with my most favorite colors those being turquoise/aqua and bright pinks) evokes that same happiness for me." -Amy Reber