you want to know what gets my heart THUMPING?

A tropical design I did know what I love about a tropical design? I get to make up my own flowers, my own birds, my own foliage and really go CRAZY BEAUTIFUL with color. THAT gets my heart thumping.

Oh my goodness....birds, cute little birds and my MOST favorite cute little bird? The chickadee......THEY get my heart thumping. I had so much fun searching for cute photographs of chickadees before drawing them for this pattern.

I tell you, you cannot go wrong with black and white and simple lines. This design of mine won a "scarf design contest" through Printed Village. It will be available on scarves this fall! Yes, THAT got my heart thumping!

Simple shapes, contrasting colors? YES, so striking. And that gets my heart thumping.

When I sit down to draw, I take pencil to paper and have absolutely nothing in mind, I guarantee you a whimsical floral will emerge.....THAT gets my heart thumping.

But this is not all folks! These are but a handful of designs that get my heart thumping! Check back tomorrow for the next edition of WHAT GETS MY HEART THUMPING.

#tropical #botanical #nautical #floral #surfacedesign #patterns #homedecor #illustration #interiordesign #whimsical #vintage #retro

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