SURTEX still my heart.

I am beyond thrilled to be able to join Cultivate Art Agency this year in New York, May 17-19 for SURTEX 2015. Talk about getting an artist's heart thumping; being able to show your art in New York City at one of the most highly regarded commercial art shows in the world?! WOW, what an opportunity. So, what does one do to prepare for Surtex having never been to Surtex? Well, thank goodness for my wonderful agent and extremely talented children's book illustrator Rachelle Panagarry. Her first task for the artists in the agency ....."MAKE ART". Now that is my kind of task! Just those words got my heart thumping. I got down to business right away. Below you see my first promotional piece for the show. My job now is to get it out there! Instagram, Twitter, name it. I want buyers to know well in advance that I will be exhibiting at Surtex!


Rachelle's second task was a "call for art". The "call for art" pieces will be sent to Surtex by the agency for Surtex to use in their promotions. You are telling me some of my art work may be promoted by Surtex? Yes, heart thumping again. Rachelle gave myself and the other artists in the agency the following color palette from the current SS trend report for floral botanicals. I know that you may not know me very well at this point, but take a look below at the palette and I bet you may already have guessed, yes it got my hear thumping!

surtex palette call for art.jpg

Like I said yesterday, if given a pencil and paper and left to draw freely, a whimsical floral will emerge. I decided to take a look at the massive amounts of florals I have already and see about switching out some colors to go along with the palette. Below is one piece that I am sending to Rachelle. We were asked to provide three designs, but I can't show you EVERYTHING now! Hopefully at some point I will be posting a promotional piece from Surtex with some of my art still my heart.


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