I can't get enough color in my designs. In fact, deciding on the "colorways" - (a color or arrangement of colors) once I have a drawing prepped is one of my most favorite parts of designing. How do I decide on color when it is purely a design for my portfolio? I have several ways I go about it.There are may times when I "feel" a color when looking at what I've drawn. Okay, I know that may sound a little cheesey but it's TRUE! I go with that initial inspiration color and then play around with compliments or contrasts that just plain look good to me! I mean how fun is that? An example below of a design that had no plan as far color. My favorite way to work!


Pinterest.....need I say more? An absolute TREASURE TROVE of inspiration as far as color, among other things of course. I do have to limit my time on Pinterest becasue it gets my heart THUMPING and my mind racing, and I get too many "tabs" open in my brain! I have a Pinterest board entitled "Color Inspiration". I use this board, WELL .......when I need color inspiration! I love love trying new color combos and many of my pins are color combinations that I feel are colors I would never come up with on my own. You can find my color inspiration board on Pinterest. A design below where I used my "color inspiration" board.


And then of course there are colors that are requested by clients. Now, you know I LOVE to just be able to go with what looks good to me, I mean who doesn't like that? However, I adore color inspiration from clients because they give me combinations that I may not normally use, and then a glorious thing happens >>>>a WHOLE new spin on a design emerges and then I say to myself.....why didn't I think of that?? Now when I am working like this I LOVE LOVE LOVE to use this website. Plug in the color you are using from your computer and then it gives you ALL OF THE SHADES OF THAT COLOR. Hello, heart thumping again. Below is a design I did for Emily Sheipe from EA Interior Designs, Co. using color ways she requested as well as using the link to the color shades above. And it turned out beautifully.


And lastly there are trend reports to keep in mind! What is trending now, what is trending six months from now, what is trending next year and so on and so on and so on. Can you see why my heart thumps on a regular basis? So many possiblities, I absolutely LOVE it! Below is an example of a trend report that one may use when looking for not only color inspirations but actual pattern inspirations! I do have a Pinterest board for "trends" and you can find my trend board for Spring Summer 2016.he board is a little slim, I need to get better about researching trends. Luckily my agent sends me trend reports on a regular basis as well. Below is an example of what a trend report will look like....oh my goodness, heart thumping again.


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