How Do You Do?

There is something to be said for a guy that can rock a bow tie don't you think? I mean not everyone can pull one off! Bow ties have made a definite come back in recent we do live on the East Coast, and we have lived in North Carolina for a good amount of time recently; maybe I'm wrong here, but I think bow ties are a little more prevalent on this side of the United States? Kind of that southern preppy, country club look ? Any color, any pattern is IN. LOVE IT.

Was getting my daily Pinterest fix and something made me click on my Mens Wear board....I really don't look at it all too often haha! Some photographs of ties hanging on hangers like this caught my eye and>>>>lightbulb I sat down to draw.

This may be my first design for little boys! I have branched out, no florals here! What an adorable design for a nursery. And you know what, the classic men's tie may be next, and it'll be a fine How Do You Do!

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