One shape. One simple. simple shape. A shape that takes two strokes of a pen. It is amazing what one can do with a shape like this when you just add color, change the fill, change the outline, etc. It is a beautiful thing really.

GUM DROP....ah, one of my favorite sweet treats.

Who knew a simple shape like this in a repeat deisgn could be so striking, so eye catching. Use a bold color combo and it makes even more of a statement.

I am thinking hills of mushrooms here! Loving how the added lines are used to break up the "gum drop" shape and give movement to the piece.

And here you have the actual outline of the individual shapes that were used in the above designs. So simple.

And who can resist a whole bunch of added "flare" to the gum drop shape! Take a close look, that shape is seen in the "bell fowers" as well as the shapes hanging down from the bell flowers. The extra flare is still ONE.SIMPLE.SHAPE.

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