Comfort zone.....nope.

I have always and will always love custom orders. It is an opportunity to really push my creativity and think like someone else, the client! It is our job as freelance designers to get down on paper what that person wants you to capture on that paper. There is nothing better than hearing "that is exactly what I was looking for, that is perfect or I LOVE IT". It is beyond fulfilling!


mrs stewart golden retriever.jpg

I bet you are thinking wait a minute, this is not a surface design?! Nope, today I am sharing with you some pictures that PUSHED ME EVERY SINGLE TIME I was taksed to do one. Guess what, I do not enjoy doing these portraits! In fact I have a panic attack every time I start one because I feel like I am never going to be able to capture someone's beloved pet!

Otto 2.jpg
Otto 1.jpg

Looking back on these pet portraits now I see how much I gained as an artist in doing them. Talk about some serious drawing skills training; the best possible training! If you have had a chance to read "My Story.", you will recall that everything I do as far what you see on this website I have a taught myself. It is these types of "tasks" that have allowed me to do just that. These custom orders are what have helped me to develop and evolve the skills that I absolutely love to use when sitting down to work IN my comfort zone.....surface design.

More pet portraits here>>>>!animals/cg29

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