Abstract ZONE

More like outside of my comfort zone! I do lots and lots of florals, and I love doing them, they come very naturally. I enjoy working in a tossed/free flowing way. Sometimes you have to change it up a bit though, give yourself a bit of a challenge as an artist in order to grow. I have been looking at a lot of geometirc and abstract designs lately, and trend reports are teeming with them! I've been pinning my little heart out on Pinterest, here is my GEOMETRIC design board. Over the weekend I had done a couple of great florals, and I had the itch to try something new today as I looked at my paper and pencil, so I started drawing.....


that is what emerged and I had the absolute best time drawing these shapes and trying to fit them together like a puzzle. Notice the flower I added though, just to shake things up a bit!. I then took the design to repeat.....


Be still my heart, for someone who loves botanicals I really liked how this turned out! This is a very tossed, free flowing design, exactly how I do many of my floral designs....it's just the elements are not flowers, stems or leaves. Cool.....another door just opened.


I chose a couple of my favorite shapes from the original and produced one more design. There are many, many more elements to work with and I definitely will be revisiting this design when I need to get into the Abstract ZONE.

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