NEVER EVER EVER. If you would have asked me a week ago if I would be designing abstract would I have EVER said yes. NEVER. On Monday, something made me try it.....I sat down to draw and out came shapes that were matching up together like a puzzle, but the shapes themselves had no similarities. I posted my first design earlier this week (which I have already sold by the way!), and am posting it again below along with two more that I did later in the week. So, you can see how all of the shapes kind of just "fit" together. I did throw a flower in the mix because well, I just love floral!

I then took each of the designs to repeat and had a BLAST with these shapes. I used the exact same technique I use when doing a "tossed" floral design. Really though, I hate to use the word "technique" like I have some sort of formula. I DO NOT. I am never wrapped up at all in how the flowers and stems "should" look, I just go with what looks good to my "eye".....and this is exactly what I did with the abstracts. They turned out fabulously and I really amazed myself. The evolution of art as an artist is breathtaking sometimes. Enjoy the design repeats below and let me know what you think!

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