It Happens Naturally.

Sometimes.....a very simple shape comes out on to my paper. From that simple, clean shape, multiple designs emerge and it is a beautiful evolution. The first shape you see below was something I did within a matter of seconds - a very raw sketch. It was a shape that I was going to use with additional elements in another design. However, as soon as it was on paper I knew it was special and I knew it would be enough to stand out on it's own. Below is the evolution of what happened with this very clean yet striking "flower".

These last couple of pictures are what that original shape was intended to be used for. As you can see I ended up getting a lot of use from that quick, raw sketch....and that is naturally, a beautiful thing!

#amyreber #abstract #geometric #illustration #design #surfacedesign #patterns #art #artist #textiledesign #textiles

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