SO, I am the type that loves to do a big WOW design and then move on to do the next big WOW design. The WOW design would be the "main" design in a "collection" of designs. With those designs I strive for some pretty bold, interesting and unique elements coupled with fabulous color ways....ohhh ya, now I'm talking! Well this week I had a couple of very good leads with some fabric comapnies. Yes, unfortunately I cannot draw all day, I must work at the whole marketing aspect of this almost explosive desire to get my designs out there in the world! Anyway, both companies were very complimentary of my work which was wonderful, and they BOTH said they would like to see what I could put together as far as a "collection". They wanted to see about 3-6 designs that worked cohesively together and that could be changed up to have several different color ways if taken to production. Well, that's all I needed. If someone gives me a task like that, especially someone who is in the "industry", and who may actually think about welcoming my designs into their company, then you can bet I got down to work on some COLLECTIONS! I knew I had WOW designs to choose from......and I actually had some designs that had complimentary patterns. But I really needed to focus on coming up with those fun, more simple yet still STRIKING (even if on their own), designs. I totally surprised myself.....I had so much fun putting coordinates together. It really took me back to my cut paper collage days and my love for mixing patterns and colors with decorative paper.....I don't know why I didn't think of it that way sooner! I know that I will definitely work more this way in future designing. Yep, it needed to be done, and I needed to be told. I think I may have jumped up a "level" in this whole journey, and that my friends is an amazing thing. Below are the collections I worked on!





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