Gimme TIME.

Sifting through files of old drawings on the computer. I found myself doing that yesterday because I was looking for an old drawing for a current project. I came across some great things and I thought to myself, gosh I really should revisit some of these! They were done some time before I had even started using Adboe Illustrator which is my program of choice for making my repeat designs. It was July of last year that I finally opened it up one morning and stared at the screen. Slowly but surely I Googled and "You Tubed" my way to a place now where I feel fairly proficient! I wished I would have done it a long time ago. The drive and passion it has produced takes me by surprise on a daily basis. Take a look below and check out the comparison in what eight months time has given me!

The drawing before the repeat....not a whole lot of tweaking done yesterday, just the added color here.

My repeat with my Illustrator SKILLS.

And this is a fabric swatch of my repeat skills from about a year ago. Lots of blank spaces there that I now know how to filll in.

And another repeat from an old drawing! See the comparison below from about a year ago as well. Can you tell......I just needed some TIME.

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