the EGG chair.

I bet you haven't given much thought to the egg chair of the 1960s. I mean, I know I haven't, simply because we are in 2015. Ha! However, like I said in the previous blog post. I was on Pinterest the other day looking at 1960s furniture and I was really captivated by the lines of the furniture of that era. But one piece of furniture definitely stood out, the Egg Chair! A little bit crazy, but I was really intrigued by that chair. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about.....

Crazily, funnily, interestingly enough I was so drawn to these images and the lines of the chairs that I felt the need to make designs based on them. The following is what I came up with. Take a close look and you will see "egg chairs" throughout the patterns. (HINT: The "petals" of the flower are actually the lines from the white wicker chair above).

Okay, I know these 60s lights below are not egg chairs, but a fun tidbit is that I used them as inspiration for the stamens of the flower in the design above.

Ah the 1960s, what a hoot!

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