MOD lighting

I cannot remember exactly what prompted me to start looking at lighting fixtures from the 1960s on Pinterest, but I am so very thankful for whatever led me there. When the search results appeared I swear my heart skpped a about endless inspiration! Not just the variety of unique shapes, but the color, oh the glorious COLOR. I will be able to do so many things with the inspiration I felt after just that one little rendezvous with Pinterest. Below is an example of what happened after my trip down memory lane, and some of the lighting that inspired the patterns. Once you've looked at all the picture go back and find the lights in my designs. I had so much fun! Check out my 1960s Pinterest board for MORE! And you can be sure I looked at the 1950s as well....stay tuned.

Mod main repeat.jpg

mod balls repeat-01.jpg

Mod diamonds repeat-01.jpg

Mod squares repeat-01.jpg

light 2.jpg

light 1.jpg

light 3.jpg

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