I am THRILLED to announce that my design "Blue Bells" was chosen to be printed on to gift wrap via Wrappily Earth Day design competition! Wrappily is based out of WA state (home sweet home) and is trying to revolutionize the gift wrap industry with their eco-friendly printing practices (did you know the majority of gift wrap is NOT recyclable?) Using local newspaper presses, they are printing double-sided gift wrap on to 100% recycled newsprint. Recylcled newsprint can be recycled up to 7 times! I will be listed as a designer on their website, and I just can't wait to see this all come to fruition! 5% of sales go to my charity of choice and I chose the Wildlife Conservation Network, dedicating it to my ANIMAL NUT, 11 year old son Sam.

BLUE Bells by Amy Reber

It's hard to believe from looking at Amy's bold, colorful designs that she is completely self-taught. This stay-at-home mom and military wife says she spends every moment she can working in her sketchbook. Originally from Washington, she and her family now reside in Virginia. In honor of her son, Amy chose the Wildlife Conservation Network to receive our donation. "My 11 year old is a HUGE animal, mammal, and reptile nut, and has been for years, so I'll dedicate this for him, Sam Reber. He will be so thrilled!"


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