OH MY Monday - Emilio Pucci Resort Wear 2017

OH MY Monday - Emilio Pucci Resort Wear 2017. The words "resort wear"....I mean just those words makes me think of great colors and fun/bold prints, LUXURY design. Right up my alley! Emilio Pucci's label is the epitome of resort wear in my opinion. I have posted about Emilio Pucci, an Italian fashion designer before; his designs making themselves know in the late 40s. He continued to design successfully and after his death in 1992 his daughter took over the label and it remains a high end fashion label today. His 2017 resort wear designed by Massimo Giorgetti really caught my eye so I had to find out more. I love how Pucci's style is described here: What does the word luxury mean today? “It's a state of mind,” Giorgetti enthused. “I think of luxury as free time well spent in beautiful places.” That was very much the attitude that Marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento, infused in his work: a love for cultivated leisure, holiday as a place and time for elegant curiosity, and open-mindedness.

See the full resort wear 2017 collection here

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