TAKE ME BACK Tuesday - 60s/70s Living Room

TAKE ME BACK Tuesday - the Living Room of the 60s/70s - Many of you realize I draw a great deal of inspiration from the mid century time period. In a lot of my designs I like to add just a touch of a retro vibe whether it's the color palette or an actual element in the design like a funky shape (see if you can pick out the element in one of my latest florals)! So here I bring to you the mid century living room! They loved bold wallpaper using bold colors, simply lined furniture, shaggy carpet, "space age" lamps and mirrors (space travel was in the forefront), bright colors and just crazy patterns in general! So just like in my designs where I may add an element or two with a retro feel, I would choose a couple of elements from the living rooms of that time period for my home. I absolutely LOVE the leather furniture in my collage AND I am very drawn to much of the lighting fixtures as well (they happen to be very on trend right now, see photo of lights that you may expect to see in stores now, but they are original 1960!). How about you??? I know it's not for everyone!

Glass Ceiling Lights | Modern Design | The Decorative Fair

Selection of orange and white glass ceiling lights from the 1960s. Danish. LINK

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