OH MY Monday - African Textiles

OH MY Monday - African Textiles - this could easily be a Thursday TREND board as well. Yes, we are seeing the bold, colorful, dynamic designs on the runway and in the home. Of course I am drawn to ALL of that, and I found myself saying OH MY over and over again after doing some pinning on Pinterest. Some interesting pieces from Wikipedia: - The color of cloth is often of significance and is representative of specific qualities and attributes - African textiles can be used as historical documents. cloth can be used to commemorate a certain person, event, and even a political cause - Traditionally, textile has been used to convey important cultural information, and often played a central role in festivities and ceremonies. Throughout the African continent, men, women and children wove cloth; often from an early age - African textiles also have significance as historical documents, offering perspectives in cases where written historical accounts are unavailable: "History in Africa may be read, told and recorded in cloth." (LOVE THIS) My African Pinterest BOARD African Prints on Trend HERE

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