TAKE ME BACK Tuesday - Fashion Design by Vendula Kalinova/Textile Design by Amy Reber

TAKE ME BACK Tuesday - Fashion Design by Vendula Kalinova, Textile Design by Amy Reber - This TAKE ME BACK is a little bit different as I just ran across these photos. Many of you may recall this, but there are probably some out there that don't! Vendula and I connected on Facebook about a year and half ago (I don't recall how! ha!) Anyway, we chatted a bit back and forth on Facebook and she told... me she had been accepted as a student into The Fashion Design Institute in New York. At the time we talked she was in the middle of taking a course called the TR Cutting School. Coincidentally I was headed to New York a few days later so we made plans to meet. It was such a fun morning talking fashion and designs and connecting with another very passionate woman about her aspirations. I brought some of my fabric with me and told her it was hers....just send me photos! These fabulous pieces were created based on a few of her TR Cutting School assignments. I was so thrilled (understatement) to see my fabrics used in this way. We are still in touch and she is in her second year of design school. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her journey and feel like I get an inside peek at FIT with her posts and photos! I'm really hoping I see her on Project Runway some day! Kalinova Designs HERE TR Cutting School HERE

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