THURSDAY Trend - Fall Fashion 16 - Pink & Yellow

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!!! You didn't think I wouldn't do a Thursday Trend just because it's Thanksgiving did you?! THURSDAY Trend - Fall 16 Fashion - Pink and Yellow. Yes, you read it right, FALL trend. What a refreshing color combo for this time of year in my opinion. I love the colors whether they are separate or in combination with one another. The dusty pink or the more jewel toned pink with that classic yellow, both a yes in my book. Just a few days ago I was shopping for something new for Thanksgiving (it was TJ Maxx mind you) but all I could find was black, gray, beige, dark colors. Now don't get me wrong, I love neutrals like that, but I was actually looking for a pop of color like the deep pink! Nowhere to be found so I settled on black with a cute scarf. After doing a little more research on this trend it looks like it was trending in 2015 as well, interesting that it is hung on for 2016. This is what a trend report I found has to say about this combination: It's not often that designers inject such bright colors into their fall collections, but this season a few brands really went for it. The interesting color combination is a welcome contrast to the darker hues we regularly see during the cold weather months." As always, I love to hear your thoughts, please post them below! And bonus question, what are YOU wearing on this holiday....are you bold or neutral?

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