TAKE ME BACK Tuesday - Hand Tooled Leather

TAKE ME BACK Tuesday - Hand Tooled Leather. HOWEVER, this could also be a Thursday TREND as hand tooled leather is supposed to be trending right now. Gorgeous scroll work, flowers, leaves, vines, feathers....so very intricate and detailed. Some of the leather work looks "cut out" as well based on the color of leather used. I just LOVE some of the hand bags, especially the clutches. It was very hard for me to find any information on WHEN hand tooled leather first made an appearance but there are some gorgeous pieces from the early 1900's/Arts and Crafts Movement that I found interesting, Art Nouveau hand tooled purses, love! I sure would love to find one at a garage sale! I did find this bit of information: "Leather tooling became popular among cowboys and ranchers of the "Wild West" for its ornamentation and expression of personal style. Elaborately tooled saddles helped express pride in their owners' horsemanship and identified individual possessions among cowboys with no horses of their own."

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