OH MY Monday - Michael Kors RTW Spring 2017

OH MY Monday - Michael Kors - Ready To Wear - Spring 2017..... he had me with his colors and patterns! They sure caught my eye on Pinterest the other day and I needed to look at the entire collection. Is anyone out there watching Project Runway? This last Thursday the top 4 designers showed parts of their collection to the judges; the entire collections will be shown at Fashion Week. ALL of the...m have had issues with "cohesion". I was actually really surprised that all four had this problem. Anyway, after looking at Michael Kors' collection I'm thinking YES, this is a cohesive collection even though for example he has quite a few color palettes going on. There is a retro vibe and the floral patterns are definitely a common thread throughout. I love the leather he chose for belts, shoes and bags and that is another common thread. You should see the SHOES too.....the shape of the heel on many of the shoes is very unique and oh so COOL. I also zoomed in on several of the pattern and there are gorgeous embellishments using sequins and embroidery. Really stunning.

See the entire collection here....the clothes, the shoes, the BAGS!

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