TAKE ME BACK Tuesday - Vintage Ornaments

TAKE ME BACK Tuesday - VINTAGE ORNAMENTS - It's the color, it's the shine, it's the shapes..... pinks, greens, turquoise, gold, silvers, yellow! I would decorate a tree in vintage ornaments from the 40s and 50s no problem and the wreath in the photo is stunning. I also like the idea of a huge bowl filled with the colorful pretties, saw some pretty inspiration for that on Pinterest. I have to say I've always been drawn to vintage ornaments. I know a lot of that stems from visiting my grandparents house and looking at their decorated trees....it also brings me back to decorating our tree as a child and my parents bringing out ornaments that had been passed down to them. My parents have a TON of these still and maybe next Christmas I will see if they'll let me dig through them! They only put their very "special" ornaments from that time period on their tree these days. Do you see the tree toppers down in the bottom right corner? That is the type of tree topper I grew up with and I saw them called "Atomic Tree Toppers" and "Mad Men Era Tree Toppers", ha! I am almost posting a picture of these cute little elves (reminiscent of the Elf on the Shelf) because my Grandparents had an entire elf family that they kept atop their dining room hutch and I remember loving to see it put out each year!

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