OH MY Monday - Environmental Art

OH MY Monday - Environmental Art! How delightful would it be to be strolling in the forest or along the beach and find these pieces of art! The creative mind amazes me! The one thing about this art and art like cookie and cake decorating as that it is fleeting. I found myself pinning a lot of art by Andy Goldsworthy and will definitely be looking at him a little more closely for another OH MY Monday. Here is what Wikipedia has to say: The term "environmental art" often encompasses "ecological" concerns but is not specific to them. It primarily celebrates an artist's connection with nature using natural materials. The concept is best understood in relationship to historic earth/Land art and the evolving field of ecological art. The field is interdisciplinary in the fact that environmental artists embrace ideas from science and philosophy. The practice encompasses traditional media, new media and critical social forms of production. The work embraces a full range of landscape/environmental conditions from the rural, to the suburban and urban as well as urban/rural industrial. My Pinterest board for Environmental Art.

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