THURSDAY TREND - Shoe Fashion 17 - The Mule

THURSDAY TREND - Shoe Fashion 2017 - the MULE! Honestly friends, shoes are one of my most favorite things to pin on Pinterest. It's the design, the shapes, the colors, the embellishments, the materials, the sheere creativity the designer's all of it! So, when I was looking at 2017 fashion trends and saw that the "mule" was going to be big big big this year I got to looking and pinning and ultimately......wanting. Hahahaha! Here is what the trend website I found had to say: "One shoe trend we see really taking over in 2017 is the mule," says Sean Kirschenbaum co-owner of The Shoebox. "Flat mules, low block-heel mules, heeled mules, sneaker mules, espadrille mules—mules in all fabrications and colors including velvet, satin, canvas, and embroidery. They were big for 2016 and they will be even bigger for 2017." Personally, I'm "all in" for mules in 2017, how about you? My shoe Pinterest board with over 1800 pins WHOAH!

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