THURSDAY TREND - Interior Design - FAUX

THURSDAY TREND - Interior Design - FAUX - Hmmmmm.....just not sure what to think about this. I have never personally experimented too much with faux product, finishes, design etc. I've never been a fan of faux floral arrangements or things that are supposed to look like something they are not....I mean sure, we've lived in houses where the floors aren't real wood, the house we are about to move into has stone work on the front that isn't really full on stone work. But I am just not drawn to making something LOOK like marble for example that is not marble (saw a lot of items with the "marble" look on Pinterest), this is just personal preference. I do like the idea of faux wood beams in a home though which is a 2017 trend (Thank you Joanna Gaines lol)! I guess maybe it's just faux "finishes" that trip me up and again flowers and leaves, can't do those for some reason. Anyway, I've babbled my thoughts enough so here is what "they" are saying about this 2017 trend: Faux will be fashionable in 2017 - and we're not just talking faux fur rugs. Homeowners and interior designers are running to faux materials for a budget-friendly and sometimes more reliable alternative to authentic materials. Faux wood ceiling beams for example, can't rot or bow like real wood, while engineered quartz can handle heat and acidic foods better. Other home design trends you can expect to see include faux leather counters, faux foliage and manufactured gray floors (an alternative to the complicated task of applying gray finishes to hardwoods). So there you have it? What do you think? (side note: everything you see in my photo collage is faux of course!)

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