TAKE ME BACK Tuesday - Peggy Moffitt

TAKE ME BACK Tuesday - Peggy Moffitt! You know it....the style of the 60s was a bit out there but SO interesting and inspiring to me; whether it is the mod patterns or bold color palettes. You can tell by looking at the fashion photos of Peggy Moffitt she was a model that epitomized the fashion design of that time period. "Though her unique look has now become iconic of the 60s fashion scene, Moffitt began her a career as an actress, beginning with an uncredited role in the 1955 film You're Never Too Young. She first began modeling in Paris in the 1950s. During the 1960s, she developed a signature style, including false eyelashes and heavy eye makeup. Her hairstyle, an asymmetrical bowl cut, created by Vidal Sassoon, became known as the "five point". Her unique look became an icon of the 1960s fashion scene. During the 1960s, she worked very closely with fashion designer Rudi Gernreich." Rudi Gernreich was a previous TAKE ME BACK Tuesday, so posting that as reference for you as well.

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