THURSDAY TREND - Marble - Whether it's the real deal or a faux marble finish on products, the look of marble is even more "IN" than it ever has been. I typed in marble on Pinterest and I was AMAZED by the range of product covered with "marble." 2017 is setting up to be the year of MARBLE. I LOVE the look of it for countertops but not sure that I would purchase any of the product other than that really cool clock (I did see some really pretty dishes as well). I do like that clock"" and I will post a great link below of some marble products. Here is what the powers that be" have to say about this 2017 trend: You're not just noticing it on Pinterest — marble is becoming a huge trend. "Naturally it is showing up in the all areas of our industry," says Laura Michaels of Get a Room Design, who recalled how the tile market was dominated by the material at the industry show Covering 2016, especially when paired with wood and metal. "Marble wall covering carpet and fabric have not missed this trend either. There is no market untouched by this dominant material!"

** and really quick I decided to play around with that design from this week and change the colors for a more "marble" look

19 Beautiful Marble Gifts

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