THURSDAY TREND - The Octopus! - Ha! Yes, you read it right. For the last few months (technically this trend started in 2016) I have been seeing a lot of octopi in design. I even noticed a couple of quilting fabric collections recently with the octopus as the main element. and I remember thinking to myself hmmmm....interesting. Then yesterday I see a huge print of an octopus in a room designed by Jonathan Adler (see photo with navy blue walls and white couch)....and ding ding I actually googled "octopus trend" and the very first search result was an article entitled "The octopus has the home furnishings market in its grip." - dated June/2016. So there you go! They said: "At the Las Vegas and High Point, N.C., furniture markets, octopi were all over pillows, tableware, furniture and all manner of accessories. In the wild, an octopus changes color depending on its mood. Blue means it’s excited, white shows fear and red indicates anger. No matter what color, the octopus blends into interior design schemes from contemporary to classic. It’s just a build-up on a trend that emerged last year and has not gone away. If anything it has gotten bigger!" I have to say personally I don't see myself using the octopus in my home décor, although I kind of like that blue rug shown in the upper left. What about you? Is anyone obsessed with this design trend? Did you notice the design trend yourself? Do you have anything in your home that fits with this trend? Post below!

Slide show from the article

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